Granite Colors

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Absolute Black

Absolute Black Granite
A Nice and consistent solid black granite. Some variations could have small white to silver specks.


Astoria Granite
A granite with a lot of variety, Astoria usually consists of a tan to grey base with brown specks and slight veins.

Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown Granite
Fairly consistent light brown stone with a medium pattern composed of circular flecks with bits of green and umber.

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy Granite
Very consistent solid black stone with shiny copper flakes.

Black Marinace

Black Marinace Granite
A mosaic patterned granite consisting of rounded stones with gray, black and white colors.

Black Spyke

Black Spyke Granite
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Blue Bahia

Blue Bahia Granite
A very exquisite blue stone with white clusters.

Brown Cecilia

Brown Cecilia Granite
Very consistent light brown colored stone with honey highlights and burgundy bursts.

Colonial Cream

Colonial Cream Granite
Semi-consistent light gray stone with a sandy texture, along with golden yellow highlights and black speckling.

Copper Valley

Copper Valley Granite
A golden granite with textures of gray, beige, and brown. Also includes some veining.

Crema Bordeaux

Crema Bordeaux Granite
Terracotta pinkish stone with gray quartz and white calcite deposits.

Crystal Gold

Crystal Gold Granite
A tan granite with consistent brown and rust speckling.


Delicatus Granite
Off white colored stone with sun yellow bursts and light gray quartz deposits.

Giallo Fiorito

Giallo Fiorito Granite
Semi consistent light peach stone with orange tones and black background.

Giallo Ornamental

Giallo Ornamental Granite
Off white patterned stone with medium brown speckling and veining.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach Granite
A golden granite with a rocky texture of gray, brown, and black colors and some burgundy specks.

Golden Crystal

Golden Crystal Granite
Very consistent mustard yellow colored stone, with cranberry colored bursts, and gray quartz deposits.

Golden Fantasy

Golden Fantasy Granite
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Golden Silver

Gold and Silver Granite
A gray granite with rust colored highlights in some places and a visually textured surface.

Ice Blue

Ice Blue Granite
Ice Blue is a coarse-grained, non-foliated deep blue/green granite with individual, relatively large, round potash feldspar crystals.

Ivory Fantasy

Ivory Fantasy Granite
Golden colored stone with black and gray waves.

Juperana Crema Bordeaux

Black Spyke Granite
Another variation of Terracotta pinkish stone with gray quartz and white calcite deposits.


Mascarello Granite
A busy gold granite with brown veins and fissures.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia Granite
A Very consistent grayish white granite stone with black clustering.

New Venetian Gold

New Venetian Gold Granite
Very consistent light honey colored stone with amber, white, and black flecks.

Peakcock Green

Peakcock Green Granite
A nice and consistent dark purple stone with tube shaped iridescent green spots.

Santa Cecilia

Santa Cecilia Granite
Very consistent light yellow colored stone with honey highlights and burgundy bursts.

Santa Cecilia Dark

Santa Cecilia Dark Granite
Very consistent white stone white slight hints of ivory beige, burgundy and black veins.

Shalimar Gold

Shalimar Gold Granite
A fairly busy golden granite with pink and white splotches and brown speckles.

Tan Brown

Tan Brown Granite
A popular granite with beige speckling which some variations include red and blue speckling.

Tropical Brown

Tropical Brown Granite
A beautiful brown granite including a close knit pattern of tan, brown, and black specks.

Typhoon Bordeaux

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite
A beautiful granite stone with hues of blue-grey and red-brown with golden brown veins.

Uba Tuba

Uba Tuba Granite
Ubatuba, a popular granite from Brazil, is a dark green stone with many slight variations between slabs, it is made up of a consistent speckling of gold, brown, and sometimes green colors.

Verde Butterfly

Verde Butterfly Granite
Consistent forest green granite with golden veining and burgundy spots.


Vyara Granite
This stone has light veining and consists of gray, coffee brown, white and black colors.

Yellow River

Yellow River Granite
Golden colored stone with lots of gold, dark and coffee brown with black diagonal streaks.

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